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All services come with integrated real-time visualization and SPC analytics and statistics. Comprehensive set of reports and graphs with user-friendly data filters.

SCADA Monitoring

  • Our wireless monitoring system collects event-triggered production data in real time and instantly posts it to your OnTop® database in Microsoft Azure™ data centers.
  • The flexible monitoring and measurement points can be added, moved or removed in minutes by production technicians for quick adaptation to changing requirements.
  • Quickly deployable out of the box solution simplifies installation.

Unit Count 

  • Automatic unit count for up-to-date order status.


  • Automatic registration of downtime. 
  • Manual registration possible.
  • Downtime reasons are given by the operator with comments and suggestions.
  • Alerts to mobile devices.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Cycle Times

  • KPIs Availability, Performance (Speed) and Quality. 
  • Actual vs. nominal cycle times between any monitoring points by article, order, machine or cell.
  • All events are accurately registered down to an interval of 1 s. This allows you to measure cycle times by their operational elements with high precision to identify potential improvement to meet overall product cycle time objectives.

Dynamic Execution Scheduling

  • Demand-driven planning and scheduling of Work Orders. 
  • Actual and estimated ready dates and times for all Work Orders.
  • Simulation of alternative solutions by redefining priorities.
  • Electronic Kanban.
  • Heijunka.
  • Manual override.
  • Manual planning.

Takt Time Assembly

Dynamic Production Execution Schedules for Assembly Lines based on Takt Time, Demand and Shift Hours.


Import ERP system data, Work Orders and more. Export real-time data back.


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